Thursday, April 22, 2010

the quality of venture

1. Inspect the export fabric and evaluate the quality of venture. and adjust the stage of fabric in factory, resolve the different opinionin from our company with polo shirts shop factory. 2. Exploit the new factoty to get down the fabric price. 3. Often instead of cheap jeans shop india garment to inspect their fabric and estimate whether to export. 4. According to the fabric delivery, arrange QC go to inspect.This is a korean trading company which is $5million cheap polo shirts USD of total export .and the 90% is woven fabric. According to the 4 points standard, inspected the fabric quality. When the problem happen, Must evaluate the risk of the quality and send advice to improve fabric quality.Sometime we often exploited the difference factories for the new sample. To be our client discount wedding prom dresses agency, inspected the fabric quality in china for the Indian cheap nike shoes garment.Knowing the woven and knitting fabric, simple analyzing the construction and content. Check the color and weight with standard and. Provided exactly inspection report to our client. Sometimes went to factory follow up the production of our order and ensure that the delivery was not delayed.

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