Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In this way

During my four-year study I tried to be an excellent student. I studied English well and passed the national College English Test for Band 4.I'm good at reading and written English, and have the basic skill in communication withchi hair straightener foreigners.I am accomplished in in mandarin and Cantonese also.I specialize in computer application as well as internet. I like reading,and I write in an easy and fluent style. Through 4 year's learning,I know the culture of English speaking countries very well.Wrint a business letter in English is also not a problem for me.In the daily life,I'm a easy-going person.When my friends meet some problems,they would like to ask me for help,I will also try my best to help them.I've aolso taken some part-time jobs in my spare time,such as marketing investgationnike shoes,promotesalecheap wedding gowns and teachingcheap nike shoes.In this way,I get morechi flat iron skills of communicating with different people.Life is like a boatalways together锟斤拷forever apartAnd forever has no end

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