Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good knowledge on procurement

Independent research skills, analytical ability, ability to judge; outstanding adaptability, self-learning ability, learn to accept new things; work is solid, with a sense of innovation and teamwork. Willing to learn, to escape a problem is not willing to accept the views of others and an open mind to learn from others; things organized, efficient,; have strong management and organizational planning and coordination capacity.Years of management experience in food factories. Familiar with the food production process and equipment industry, honesty, dedication, good communication, leadership, management, comprehensive experience, creativity and strong, familiar with ISO9000,Romantic Wedding Chocolates GMP, HACCP, LEAN, 5S, GMP, HACCP and SIXSIGMA.Just in time the United States DuPont food business experience in production technology manager jobs1. Master degree of business administration.2. Bachelor degree of mechanical & auto control, over 10 years manager level in multinational company.
3. Perfect knowledge/experience on project management and multiple departments management.4. Perfect knowledge/experience on production management,
5. Perfect knowledge/experience on quality management
6. Good knowledge on procurement/sourcing
8. Good knowledgement on TS16949,Delicate Wedding favors ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001The candidate has 13 years working experience, among which 11 years are in the HR field in MNC company (Fortune 500) ,and 7 years are at a HR manager level with strong expertise.1 man sincere, good image quality, with good professional and ethical standards and professionalism;
(2) good science and engineering background, good writing skills and communication skills, listening reading and writing ability in English, computer skills; New Ideas on Wedding Favors
3 has a state-owned enterprises, small and medium sized private enterprises and foreign domestic work experience; familiar with the different nature of the business processes and relationshipsHard-working, Wedding Favor Ideas steadfast, hard, studious, serious and responsible attitude towards work, meticulous. Willing to accept new things, and can quickly adapt to the new environment. Cheerful optimism, can withstand the pressure. Good communication and cooperation with others, have team spirit. In administration, have some work experience in trade

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