Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1) Analyse competitor activities,identify market potential ,provide marketing reports and recommendations to Marketing & Sales Director and GM , 2) Develop and implement marketing and brand northface outlet, create and carry out comprehensive marketing plan, manage and evaluate execution process,3)Control marketing budget, perform co-op marketing activities, operate new product launch, measure marketing effectiveness,4). Keep close contact with Government, industry association and medias , present and distribute brochures,case study and sales tools etc., edit Tianma Newspaper ,maintain company website;5). Build and evolve marketing system,manage and motivate marketing team, organize professional train ;work together with product team, present north face outlet,design product positioning and marketing strategy; 6).Cooperate with sales manager, ensure sales task,design “Big Customer” sales tactics, communicate with customers and suppliers,operate customer/cheap northface jackets meeting/interview, conduct customer demand and satisfaction surveys,improve satisfactions and loyalities.Major Achievements:1)Present marketing strategy of exploring Color Liquid Crystal Module for Mobile market in 2004;deliver marketing message “Customer-oriented,quick response,thoughtful service”;2). Organize 2002,2003 Annual Meeting of China Optics & Photoelectron Association Crystal Branch,enhance brand awareness;3).Succeed in handling Tianma Crisis in 2003,4).Organize Launch Press Release of Flying Dragon Color Liquid Crystal Display , generate new business opportunities, create historic sales revenue of 10 million USD per month.5).Put forward“big customer,big order” sales tactics, win Konka Color Mobile Project in 2004,achieve 400,000 USD sales revenue.

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