Wednesday, March 10, 2010


an extensive marketing manager with more than eight-year marketing experiences , worked at leading multinational public company and American Lacoste POLO Shirts ; abilities of spoken and written communication and presentation in English and Chinese ,organization and planning, leading and teamplayer,interpersonal ,coordination,project ma nagement; self-motivated, result-orienated and responsible
Main Responsibilities:1.Analyse market and competition trend, present marketing report and counsel to GM;2.Develop marketing strategy and goal,define and implement overall marketing plan, manage and control execution process3.Supervise Lacoste Polo Shirts budget, plot and execute marketing programs, evaluate program effectiveness,4.Maintain Public Relation,develop marketing material, design company website;5. Cooperate with sales team, make marketing tactics;ally with product and technology team, organize related training; hold supplier and customer conference,develop long-term cooperative relationship..Main Achievements:1.Provide marketing strategy of Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, publicize communication message “Credit,Cooperation,Coordination,Win-win”, 2.Launch and plot Eastern China Technology Seminar, achieve sales revenue 200,000USD per month3.Lead and join The 5th China International Lumber &Woodwork Tradeshow, increase brand reputation; 4.Succeed in Shandong Heze Electricity Building,complete sales revenue 150,000USD.

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